The Craft of Classroom Teaching

Here you will explore the practice of education through a variety of embodied learning approaches.

This course will focus on a range of techniques used in teaching that focus on teacher responsiveness, inventiveness, and openness in a classroom space giving due consideration to one’s own experience of the teaching-learning dynamic. It will develop reflective capacities, sensitivity, and relational capacities in the student-teacher, which will impact their pedagogical practices. Some of the questions explored in the course are: what makes for an effective and impactful teacher presence, what kind of skills, awareness and body-dynamic must a teacher learn to ensure this impact, and how can a teacher build an empathetic learning environment using available pedagogical resources and tools. The student-teachers will learn to work with a range of pedagogical resources such as personal/​sensorial (body, voice, movement) and educational (stories, blackboard). Creative uses of these resources will offer them critical perspectives on effective pedagogic practices, that will guide the student-teachers in their professional lives as a teacher. This course will prepare them to maximize effective pedagogy by using the minimum, available resources.