Teaching of Physics

A deeper retrospective engagement with school Physics and its pedagogy

A fair grasp of Physics concepts at the undergraduate level need not necessarily translate into good teaching of Physics at the school level. A deeper retrospective engagement with school Physics and its pedagogy is required for student-teachers to orient themselves and to start developing their own practice of teaching Physics. Given this, it is critical that student-teachers get sufficient practice of working out the details of visualising and selecting an optimum combination of pedagogical strategies to teach specific topics and concepts in school Physics. The Teaching Physics course is intended to meet these significant requirements for student-teachers in their final semester of the programme. 

This course has a significant laboratory component and it aims to help student-teachers to continue working on their skills of setting up demonstrations and experiments, along with building perspectives about their role in the teaching-learning of Physics/​Science. It combines a practice-based approach that concerns itself with the teaching-learning of Physics at the school level in specific real world scenarios, with one that aims to equip student-teachers with a broad repertoire of skills and insights, and a deep appreciation of aspects of the nature of science and science teaching.