Teachers and Teaching

Bringing professionalism to teaching by understanding the nature of a teacher’s work.

An understanding of the nature of a teacher’s work and its centrality to realising the aims of education are necessary in order to bring about professionalism in teaching. With this, we can develop a vision for pre-service teacher education programmes and continuing professional development. 

This course will be of interest to you if you wish to be engaged with teacher education and professional development and in teachers’ work in terms of classroom support and issues of school organisation. You will discuss the intellectual and moral dimensions and service ideals that drive teaching in the classroom, as well as how teachers’ roles and identity is shaped by the sociocultural milieus in which they work. 

This course hopes to nurture sensitive insights into the life-worlds of school teachers as agents in the pedagogic field. In addition to classroom lectures, you will be given an opportunity to directly engage with teachers and teaching in the classroom.