Social Studies Teaching and Material Development

An introduction to the academic and curricular debates in the subjects that will also give them opportunities to translate their learnings into school contexts through curricular materials.

The M. A. Education programme seeks to produce educational practitioners with a strong practical sense of curriculum and pedagogy in addition to a grounding in theory. Hence the courses that help students specialize in one of the central subjects of the school curriculum, not only introduce them to the academic and curricular debates in the subjects but also give them opportunities to translate these into school contexts through curricular materials. 

Decisions about curricular material are influenced by many factors and processes, including the aims of education, age/​grade/​class specific objectives, the nature of the subject, the teaching-learning context, the demands of the educational system and pedagogical practices. Curricular materials influence – at times even determine — classroom transactions (teaching and curricular material are therefore integrally connected). Invariably, they help create possible relevant roadmaps for teachers. Consequently, there is an urgent need for creating good curricular material along with critiquing existing material. Furthermore, there is a dearth of experts in this area. This course, it is hoped, will help in the overall programme’s goal of creating reflective practitioners, well equipped to develop appropriate and good quality curricular materials in Social Studies. 

This course, offered in the third semester, deals with the designing of curricular material in Social Studies from the vantage point of teachers and teaching. This course will be hands- on’ in nature and will primarily focus on the actual development of curricular materials with respect to the Social Studies. The course will be conducted in field institutes. This will give students an opportunity to build and demonstrate their ability to integrate theoretical approaches to Social Studies curriculum and pedagogy with actual school contexts.