Reading Nagaland

An introduction to the rich diversity of everyday lives in Nagaland through non-academic” sources.

India’s North East is largely missing from the national consciousness and discourse. Occasionally, insurgent attacks, violation of human rights by security forces, natural calamities such as earthquakes and floods, Republic Day tableaus, and visiting dignitaries from New Delhi briefly remind the mainland” of the North East. The region always appears as a problem – ecological, infrastructural, national security, or humanitarian – waiting to be solved. We hardly engage with the region as just another place where people live their lives. This course will make a small attempt to reduce the familiarity gap and introduce students to one of the states of the region – Nagaland, the first northeastern state formed after the British left the Indian sub-continent. The course will rely upon a wide range of local primary sources without taking recourse to the writings of outsiders” (with the exception of Padmanath Gohain Baruah’s Mor Sonwarani, Birendra Kumar Bhattacharyya’s Yaruingam, and Nirmal Nibedon’s Nagaland: The Night of the Guerrillas).