Planning, Implementing and Monitoring Development Actions for Gender Equity

Apply key frameworks of gender equality for development action and policy interventions.

Development approaches that do not take into account gender have often led to ineffective policies and negative outcomes for gender equity. It is important that gender concerns are integrated into the design, plan, implementation and monitoring of development projects. Over the last few decades, field-based research guided by critical gender studies have thrown up a range of insights and tools which can be applied during programme design, implementation, monitoring and impact assessment to promote gender equity. 

The concept of gender has also been re-examined from multiple standpoints, enriching debate and ideas about identity, biology, culture, science, and the link between nature and nurture. In this course, you will apply key frameworks of gender equality for development action and policy interventions at the state and non-state levels and design a gender-equality intervention at the local level. We offer the opportunity for you to reflect how gendered norms structures the world in which we live and how we can change it.