Perspectives on Teaching and Learning Science

For Biology, Chemistry and Physics major students

This course will introduce student-teachers to certain relevant perspectives that influence teaching and learning science in a classroom. The first dimension of these perspectives is the nature of science and the nature of scientific knowledge. Understanding the nature of science and knowledge will allow student-teachers of science to make appropriate educational judgements about the classroom practices and approaches to introduce the content knowledge. The second dimension includes the cognitive aspects of learning science as a body of knowledge as well as a process of constructing that knowledge. Exploring how children learn science, thus, will allow student-teachers to connect classroom practices to the larger perspectives of education they would have developed through earlier courses. Science is a social endeavour. Hence, through this course student-teachers will be exposed to an understanding of important social perspectives that shape science in terms of the specific language used to describe, to understand, and to communicate science as well as how gender, caste, race, religious and political beliefs shape science.