Perspectives on Education

Here you will explore the field of education through a combinations of philosophical and sociological perspectives and questions.

This course intends to highlight the complex linkages between education, schooling, and society from philosophical as well as sociological perspectives. The student-teachers will be exposed to a range of ideas about the aims of education, and the multifaceted role of schools and teachers in today’s world. In examining some key factors — historical, sociological, and political— that underlie the emergence of a stratified school system in contemporary India, they will become more conscious of diverse educational goals as well as individual trajectories of school-goers in our country and develop greater sensitivity towards issues of social justice. Student-teachers will engage with the nature of knowledge, and ideas of the school curriculum, as well as issues around languages of instruction, considering their cognitive and ethical implications. They will also gain a nuanced appreciation of the activities of teaching and learning, and the multiple possibilities inherent in teacher-student interactions within school settings. Through this course, they will have opportunities to revisit their own beliefs and will begin formulating their own vision for education and teaching.