Local School Engagement

This is a field practice course which is a part of the professional practice component of the programme.

This will be the first field practice engagement in the programme for around four weeks in duration. Student-teachers will be assigned in small groups to any one of the English-milieu schools in Bengaluru in the neighbourhood of the University’s campus that follow well-designed curricular and pedagogic practices. This course is designed to be an immersive experience in schools. It aims at developing in the student-teachers a macro understanding of schools as institutions (their vision, structures, and processes), and a capacity to engage with the micro process of teaching and learning. The student-teachers will engage with small groups of school students and are not expected to develop capacities for teaching whole classrooms in this course. They will develop specific capacities for observation, reflective writing and journalling, dialogue, and interviewing. They will learn about the professional life of a schoolteacher, observe students’ behaviour, and gather a preliminary understanding of what makes for effective teaching.