Legal System Reforms

India’s legal system and its systematic changes. 

India has an elaborate system of public administration and a strong legal system. Through public debate and discourse, the need for reforming these systems is now recognised. For the first time in six decades, India has embarked on a significant programme for legal system reform with budgetary support. This includes the creation of a new village court system, the adoption of a national litigation policy for the government, the adoption of a pendency reduction programme, and changes to criminal and civil procedural laws. This course takes you through a sustained study of legal system reform in India, through a historical story of the Indian story from colonial-origins of legal structures, and the relationship between development, governance and legal reform. You will understand the main challenges facing India and the salient processes within the Indian context. Special focus will be given to civil litigation and prison reform, as well as how access to justice also relies on the everyday workings of the court systems. Finally, we offer an overview of the Rule of Law and Access to Justice, which are the rubrics under which legal system reform is organised.