Law and Policy Hub Group Project

Apply knowledge from the classroom learning onto field practice and vice versa.

You are offered 15 thematic subjects with contemporary significance and relevance and will pursue the project supervised by an academic advisor. This work happens in the first two semesters and structured and administered by a coordinating team.

The projects involve empirical and multi-stakeholder engagement with a field site. You will gain a multidimensional understanding of public problems of contemporary significance. 

Your project can involve public interest litigations, legal or policy reform, community economic development, community legal education or discrete problem solving. 

Semester 01: Understanding the Problem’ and Devising the Field Plan’

  • Your group will acquaint yourself with a broad area of law and policy research and find specific domains of interest around a public problem. You will identify a site of study and stakeholder groups and attempt to understand the political contentions between stakeholder groups.
    • You will identify relevant literature.
    • Gather primary and secondary data on relevant laws, regulations, procedures, and socio-cultural context.
    • Participate in workshops on research methods to develop an action plan for conducting field work.

Semester Break: 21 Field Engagement

At the end of this engagement, you will present your learnings and submit a field report with individual reflections of field work.

Semester 02: Formulating Legal and Policy Orientations

You will analyse your observations and interpret areas of law and policy intervention. In collaboration with your academic advisor, you will analyse your field observations through various forms of reasoning. You can have a public event in which you discuss and present your project to a panel of external experts.