Law and Justice in a Globalising World

The concepts of law and justice have been critical to the journey of the modern world. What made modern law universal? What has been the journey of law and justice in globalisation?

This course will take you through the role of law and justice in making modern legal and constitutional frameworks, from the normative to the institutional. We begin by understanding the fundamentals of legal philosophical analysis through debates on the nature and demands of justice, exploring ideas of justice as proposed by John Rawls and Michael Sandel, and arriving at an exploration of the relationship between ideas of justice and the law and the legal system. We explore the separation of the law and morals with an overview of economic analyses of law, critical legal studies, feminist and Marxist legal studies. Finally, we address the problem of imagining justice across national, international, global and cosmopolitan communities. This course involves readings, critical responses and writing, as well as term-papers.