Law and Development

The relationship between law and development. 

This course focuses on the relationship between law and development through an interdisciplinary approach and will introduce you to the nature of and conceptions of development. You will cover theories of the place of law and legal institutions in economic, social and political development. This course asks you to look at the law and legal systems outside of only legal methods, introducing you to normative and social scientific perspectives on the relationship between law and development. We will take you through the history and evolution of this field while examining diverse aspects of the Indian legal system and legal and judicial reform, the impact and influence of economic globalization, the role of external organisations such the World Bank, USAID or the WTO in formulating and propagating ideas of the links between law and development. We cover instrumental and constitutive approaches to development, which include notions of rights, the rule of law, and indices of development. Rigorous reading and writing are a core component of this course, which has two examinations during the year.