Introductory Modern Physics

A refreshing exploration of ideas in modern physics, through simple experiments and demonstrations.

Physics is taught at the secondary and senior secondary levels as a bunch of abstract facts that are to be represented mathematically and then manipulated to produce results. Experiments conducted in the laboratory are then supposed to verify and conform to this theoretical formulation. It is also often believed that there are theoretical” and correct” values of experimental quantities. The primacy of observations and measurements to the abstractions in physics are generally lost in this approach to the teaching of the subject. Students also have a view of physics that is fragmented into different branches. There is hence need for an introduction which cuts across sub-areas and builds a broader view of physics as well as the basic language and tools of the trade without a repetition of school topics. This course is an introduction to the basic approach and methods used by physics in various interesting contexts via facts, numbers, estimation, modelling, and computation.