Introduction to Epidemiology

The course covering the basics of epidemiology, tools used in epidemiology and application of the tools for better decision making.

Epidemiology is the fundamental science of public health which seeks to describe diseases and health conditions in the population and also identify the causes of diseases, besides studying and recommending interventions to improve and protect health. Health is the ultimate outcome of developmental activity, and the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the general understanding about the importance of public health for the society to thrive. Over the recent years, there has been growing recognition on the need for intersectoral coordination and action to improve health. Indeed, all Sustainable Development Goals can be considered health goals. In this context, offering the tools of Epidemiology to students of MA Development would prove to be valuable. Even as there is increasing focus on development”, threats to population health and health inequality loom, including those driven by global environmental change, disparities in wealth and access to care. Development professionals who have an understanding of epidemiology are critical to addressing these challenges.