Indian Economy

Multiple perspectives on the Indian economy. 

In this course, we study the Indian economy through a look at multiple perspectives — ranging from academic scholarship and policy documents to the work of journalism and key commentaries. You will learn about the interactions between main political and economic events, major governmental policies, and the macroeconomic dynamics that have shaped the Indian economy since Independence. 

We examine a series of key periods in economics, reading plan documents, commentaries and academic work. Some crucial time periods include colonial India, the 1950s’ industrial policies and Five-Year Plans, the planning commission, the Green Revolution, the Emergency, liberalisation, all the way until the present. Some key areas include data on consumption and investment, public expenditure, international trade, and social development and federalism. 

You will analyse statistics on the Indian economy to understand various aspects of the economy, as well as learn political economy methods. This course includes producing self-researched papers.