Human Development and Learning

Here you will explore the field of education through a combination of psychological and sociological perspectives and questions.

This course will enable student-teachers to understand the various classical and contemporary theories of educational psychology that provide a perspective on the implications of teaching-learning processes on learners. Key educational psychology theories on language development, moral development, cognitive development including perspectives on information processing, intelligence theories, and learning theories, physical development specifically focusing on adolescent growth and well-being, and psycho-social emotional development including ecological systems theory will be discussed with a focus to bring forth key aspects of development, learning and classroom processes that need attention in the work of a teacher. Aspects of adolescent school life, issues of punishment, bullying, and competition, that are significant to understand the role of teaching-learning within a school space situated in the Indian context will be explored. Typical and atypical learning trajectories will be briefly discussed to understand the uniqueness of every individual, providing some insight into learning disabilities and certain universal teaching-learning processes. The course will involve several practical and reflective experiences and tasks to draw out some aspects of being in the role of a teacher.