Geospatial Technology I: GIS of the Environment

Introduce the field of cartography and GIS through hands-on exercises such as spatial data display query and map generation, coupled with field data collection, using state-of-the-art ArcGIS software.

The course is an introduction to the concept of Geographic Information System (GIS) and its applications for the environment. All the environmental problems are inherently spatial in nature and therefore can be understood by developing spatial thinking through the use of GIS. The course will introduce the field of cartography (map making, visualisation, projection and datum), GIS and spatial analysis (data model, spatial data creation, location and attribute-based query and geoprocessing). Through presentations and hands-on exercises, participants will learn and apply different concepts introduced in the course. Hands-on exercise will include spatial data display query, map generation, field data collection and spatial analysis using ArcGIS software. At the end of course, students will apply concepts learned in the course to create their own GIS project to investigate some environmental issue.