Framing sustainability: A social-ecological systems perspective

Explore a new approach to address sustainability challenges 

How do we understand human-nature relationships in today’s world? What perspectives do we need to analyse sustainability challenges? Traditional approaches to sustainability have focused either on bio-physical and ecological aspects or on human perspectives. In this course you will explore a new approach that recognises the complex inter-connections between humans and nature that comprises a social-ecological systems perspective. The course will describe human impacts on the finite natural resources of the planet, and explore why nature is important for humanity’s survival. Through case studies you will study sustainability challenges from a variety of contexts to illustrate how issues of environmental and social justice are inextricably connected to sustainability. But the course is not limited to looking at problems and challenges of sustainability. You will also engage with environmental philosophies, ideas and interventions to tackle sustainability challenges and especially understand the need to work cooperatively and adapt to evolving contexts.