Curriculum Material Development for Teaching Mathematics

How are curricular materials for mathematics different from other subjects?

In the Indian context, curricular materials are a significant part of teaching and learning in school subject content. Decisions regarding curricular material are influenced by a myriad set of factors: the aims of education, grade specific objectives, the nature of the subject, teacher learning context and pedagogical practices. Curricular materials determine classroom transactions and act as relevant roadmaps for teachers. With this set of courses, we want to help you be a professional well-trained to develop good quality curricular materials. 

This course is part of a set on curricular material development and is a prequel to Curricular Material Development – Mathematics Education. In this hands-on course, you will focus on curricular materials in mathematics and in the process, pick up a theoretical understanding of the interplay between pedagogy and curricular materials. Using mathematical resources including textbooks and activities you will understand how teachers use them and for what purposes. You will develop a holistic understanding of the curriculum framework (syllabus, stage specific objectives), the demands of the examination system, the context of the learner and the reality of the classroom. 

How are curricular materials for mathematics different from other subjects? How do these curricular materials support the objectives of the National Curriculum Framework 2005? And how are resources put together? You will need to produce on resource from a concept in school mathematics for trial in actual classroom conditions, along with a practicum, presentation and written work.