Curricular Material Development in Language

A nuanced understanding of the things that shape curricular decisions.

In the Indian context, curricular materials are a significant part of teaching and learning in school subject content. Decisions regarding curricular material are influenced by myriad factors: the aims of education, grade-specific objectives, the nature of the subject, teacher-learning context and pedagogical practices. Curricular materials determine classroom transactions and act as relevant roadmaps for teachers. With this set of courses, we want to help you be a professional, well-trained to develop good quality curricular materials. 

Curricular Material Development is a multidisciplinary domain that provides a nuanced understanding of how societal aspirations, disciplinary priorities, developmental considerations and contextual constraints shape curricular decisions. 

This course is a practical, hands-on sequel to all the other courses in the programme that is focused on the actual development of curricular materials. This course will build on Curriculum Studies core courses and the elective course in Teaching English Language in India and Literacy Pedagogy.

You will be exposed to scholarship around the world on key approaches and debates in language education, situating the field in the Indian context, and studying the aims of language education outlined in the National Curricular Framework of 2005

You will develop an educationally grounded perspective on using and evaluating curricular materials in languages while preparing resource materials for teaching and learning of languages in the classroom. 

What do we mean by curricular materials”? How do we position them in the classroom and evaluate them? How do marginalised voices get represented in curricular materials, and how do ideological perspectives condition the nature of textbooks? You will design and review your language resource materials by presenting it to your peer group and supervisors.