Critical Explorations: Education for a Sustainable World

How can education be directed towards sustainability in a multidimensional sense?

The twentieth century saw rapid changes in population, technology, urbanisation, industrialisation and globalisation. Cheap and plentiful fossil fuel were used to produce limitless food and material goods. The use of fossil fuels has led to irrevocable climate change with planetary disruptions and terrible impending consequences. Multiple crises in human existence have emerged rapidly over the last six decades, ranging from problems in energy and resources as well as human social issues. 

As we reach the limits of growth as conceived of in the previous century, we need to think of how education can be directed towards sustainability in its multidimensional sense. 

In this course, you will study the interlinkages between the political economy, lifestyle choices and sustainability, and appreciate the role of education in bringing about attitude shifts and promoting skills required for sustainability. You will explore approaches to introducing sustainability in the curriculum at different levels of education and teaching-learning strategies.