Contemporary Issues in Gender and Sexuality

Explores multidisciplinary gender and feminist theories, methodologies and epistemologies

Gender and Sexual identities are persistently policed, regulated and celebrated in our society. Research in the social sciences on gender and sexuality has moved away from a simplistic understanding of gender as a biologically occurring phenomenon to thinking of gender and sexuality as socially constructed. It has shifted from thinking of gender as a binary to gender/​sexual identities as being fluid. This body of work has also highlighted the consequences of gender binary assumptions on the distribution of opportunities and rewards in our societies. Importantly, it has highlighted how gender is embedded in the cultural logic of our organizations and worldviews. Factors contributing to gender and sexual inequality are influenced by cultural processes and have material consequences. Building on this multidisciplinary scholarship, Contemporary Issues in Gender and Sexuality aims to examine the social, political, economic and legal contexts in which gender and sexuality issues are embedded, and their impact on gender relations in India. This course is based on the fundamental notion that gender is a product of socio-cultural, historical formations and so it shifts away from thinking of gender solely through a lens of one’s personal identity and instead views gender and sexuality as a system of inequality that is embedded in all aspects of society.