Comparative Corporate Governance

This course aims at enabling students to be academically proficient and ethically engaged in matters of public importance.

Corporations have a crucial place in the society as primary vehicles of doing business
with the involvement of multiple stakeholders. Consequentially, their governance is a
topic of public importance and is infested with a series of issues. This course galvanizes
arguments regarding ethical resolution of such issues of public importance. Students are,
in the course, also introduced to the role of law and relevant legal institutions in resolving
such issues.

The course will complement and add to the objectives of the following two courses
currently offered to the LL.M. students:
a) Law and Development — The course on comparative corporate governance is a more
particular and detailed application of the role of law and legal institutions in sustaining
and developing good corporate governance practices; and
b) Foundations of Private Law — The course on comparative corporate governance takes
forward, in more detail, the study of corporate organizations that was introduced to the
students in the Foundations of Private Law course.