Communicating Economics

How do you communicate economics in different contexts? 

Effective communication plays a unique role in the formation of modern society. We interact with information everyday in the world we live in: whether it is a 140 character tweet, or a 140 page policy draft. The same statement can be expressed in a thousand different ways. 

Let us take a fact: that the lowest caste groups in India continue to constitute a greater proportion of poor households in India. How do you state this fact when you are trying to convince a policy maker who completely denies the role of caste in reinforcing socio-economic inequality? Or alternatively, what if you are writing an opinion piece for a leading international media outlet where your readers may not even know much about the Hindu caste system? 

In this course, we develop a detailed understanding of how to communicate economic facts and ideas effectively, depending on the purpose as well as the audience. We take you through different media of communication such as the visual, the textual and the performative, as well as their internal variations as well as interdependence, scope and limitations. This course will help you disseminate the knowledge and skills you acquire during your degree, and help you drive the positive changes you want to see in the world around you.