Advanced Social Research

This course will enable students to engage in the process of research through an exposure to both qualitative and quantitative social research techniques.

Students of MA (Education) and MA (Development) students have studied a core course on Introduction to Research (ITR). The ITR course is an introductory course on conceptualizing research and understanding research processes. An advanced understanding of research – research methods, methodologies, data analysis and interpretation is needed for students seeking to do research later on. This elective seeks to build upon the core research course. It will be a cross-listed elective that will help the students engage with qualitative and quantitative social research techniques.

The course will presume a basic understanding of the philosophical and methodological
foundations of social research, as covered in ITR. The foundation will be built up through a
revisit of issues involved in social research. Thereafter, students will be exposed to practical
research situations to provide them with a hands-on feel for both qualitative and quantitative research methods and the nuanced nature of this dichotomy when undertaking social research. The exposure to data analysis and interpretation will aim to acquaint students with data analysis software.