Perspectives on Assessment


Assessment of student learning is an integral component of any discourse in education. Defining learning’ and devising ways of measuring it with a considerable degree of reliability and confidence is a fairly complex process. In the current paradigm of a standards’-based education, the need for creating standards and assessing student learning against those standards are gaining wide popularity across the world.

Classroom based assessments are gaining an equally important position. In order to understand whether the aims of teaching have been achieved, the teacher has to think of appropriate criteria for assessment keeping pedagogical approaches in mind.

  • You will develop a theoretical perspective on assessment.
  • You will examine the linkages between various components of curriculum and classroom processes.
  • You will analyse the quality of assessment tools.
  • You will design pedagogical processes and assessment strategies in alignment with learning outcomes.

Outline of the Course

UNIT 1: Developing a theoretical perspective on assessment

  • Examine different terminologies associated with assessment. 
  • Look at types and purposes of assessment. 
  • Learn about paradigm shifts in assessment (from assessment of’ learning to assessment for’and as’ learning). 
  • Identify issues around assessment.

UNIT 2: Appreciating the interlinkages between curricular aims, pedagogy and assessment

  • What are the aims of education and school curriculum?
  • Examine interlinkages between curriculum, syllabus, pedagogy and assessment.

UNIT 3: Translating assessment to practice

  • Blooms Taxonomy and Learning Outcomes.
  • Reliability and validity of assessment. 
  • Multiple methods of assessment,