Taking more libraries to North East India

More than 70% schools in Manipur do not have a library. Kharingyo and Yasin founded Korou Education Foundation to fill this gap.

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Yasin and Kharingyo came together in Manipur in 2016 to found Korou Education Foundation, known by its flagship programme Library for All.

Library for all aims to increase language competencies by setting up and reviving libraries and reading programmes in government elementary schools, starting in Manipur. It believes that school libraries can bring systemic change towards quality education for an equitable society when all children are enabled to read, write, comprehend and present themselves appropriate to their age. This is made possible with enabling access to books.

So far, the programme covers 10 government schools in hilly tribal districts of Manipur which are hard to reach, impacting 1000 children in grades 3, 4 and 5. The vision is to reach out to 100 more government schools in the next year, impacting 8000 more children.