Inquiry-based Teaching Methods for Biology Classrooms

A two-day workshop that focuses on equipping schoolteachers to cultivate curiosity in biology classrooms

APU Biology Workshop Bhopal

We invite high school teachers for a two-day interactive workshop that will immerse them in the world of inquiry-based learning experience, at Azim Premji University, Bhopal.

Why attend

The workshop is designed to expose teachers to the importance of incorporating good laboratory practices and critical thinking into the biology classroom environment. 

During these two days, experts will demonstrate integrating hands-on activities into teaching methods, focusing on competency-based education and emphasising conceptual learning over rote memorisation.

The topics covered during this workshop will be comprehensive, providing essential background explanations and engaging exercises, including interactive group activities for students.

What’s in store

The workshop will 

  • support teachers in fostering students’ capacity to develop a scientific mindset, engage in scientific inquiry, and introduce contemporary and effective teaching methodologies.
  • introduce teachers to the vast array of career opportunities available after obtaining a degree in biology.