A caring community

We believe that we that social change begins with care.

Vision and mission

Beyond the classroom

University is a time for the exploration of the world and oneself. We support our students through the challenges they face not only in the classroom but in the peer group and in their personal lives.

We ensure a supportive and collegial environment and access to help for those in need and understand that special circumstances may arise any time.

We provide counselling services on and off-campus, along with peer-support groups run by students on campus. Our mentorship programme takes care of each individual through the course of their study.


Our diverse community of students are from all over India with a wealth of experiences and diversity in socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds.

We understand that generations of social inequality in India makes the experience of the classroom unique for each student. We strive to create an inclusive environment for learning and offer different forms of support in the classroom. We provide assistance to ensure that disadvantages of social background do not hinder a creative and fulfilling academic experience.

We believe that nobody should have to drop out of college because of financial problems. We provide financial aid to help students with different disadvantages fund their study.

We provide academic support for foundational capacities in language, reasoning and quantitative analysis through the course of different academic programmes. We offer remedial support whenever necessary for students to get through their coursework.

Our community of faculty and mentors are committed to a caring classroom experience.

We help each of our students understand their hopes and capacity to nurture their dreams.

We ensure that our graduates make successful choices in the jobs they go on to do. Our Placement Cell ensures that our graduates are equipped with the skills needed to make effective decisions in a competitive environment of jobs. We assist our students in finding employment opportunities well suited to their needs.