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What Do We Miss on Women’s Employment in Survey Data?

Rosa Abraham, Nishat Anjum, Rahul Lahoti and Hema Swaminathan | February 212023

What Budget must take from rich, give to poor

Amit Basole | January 232023

In Covid-19, the rural job plan was a big safety net

Amit Basole and Rajendran Narayanan | October 222022

Number theory: Shrinking public sector employment and its costs

Pabitra Chowdhury and Rosa Abraham | September 12022

Let us not underestimate deprivation in the country

Amit Basole | May 32022

बजट में कोरोना से निपटने की तैयारियों के साथ इससे हुए नुकसान से लोगों को उबारने का करें उपाय

Mrinalini Jha | January 132022

Covid-19 and the Informalisation of India’s Salaried Workers

Rosa Abraham and Amit Basole | January 32022

Covid-19 and India’s youth workforce

Rosa Abraham | December 162021

How household incomes were affected by Covid

Mrinalini Jha | December 152021

No country for young workers: How demonetisation has hurt a generation of Indians

Rosa Abraham and Anand Shrivastava | November 102021

Covid-19: Impact on income inequality in India

Mrinalini Jha and Rahul Lahoti | September 12021

Mere growth in a sector doesn’t translate to benefits for workers

Mrinalini Jha and Rosa Abraham | July 272021

Reading between pandemic’s economic shockwaves: Among worst hit are our teachers and small business owners

Mrinalini Jha and Rosa Abraham | July 152021

Amit Basole on the pandemic’s devastating impact and the need for a fiscal response now

Amit Basole | June 5202

Surviving Covid second wave: Cash support of Rs 15,000 per family a possible solution?

Amit Basole and Rosa Abraham | May 192021

Second COVID Wave To Hit Jobs, Economy Harder

Amit Basole and Rosa Abraham | May 192021

गरीबों को मदद से ही सुधरेगी अर्थव्यवस्था: तहस-नहस अर्थव्यवस्था और बर्बादी के कगार पर खड़े लोग एक ही सिक्के के दो पहलू हैं

Mrinalini Jha and Amit Basole | May 172021

It is getting from bad to worse for women workers

Amit Basole and Rosa Abraham | May 172021

1 year of Covid and the way forward

Rosa Abraham | May 52021

Post-lockdown misery of India’s migrant workers

Rajendran Narayanan | March 242021

Have the labour markets recovered post-lockdown?

Rosa Abraham and Amit Basole | January 262021

Pandemic Effect: 9 Months On, More Younger Workers Remain Jobless

Rosa Abraham, Amit Basole and Surbhi Kesar | January 202021

The Time Is Right for an Urban Employment Guarantee Programme

Amit Basole, Rajendran Narayanan, Anand Shrivastava and Rakshita Swamy | November 302020

Hunger, nutrition are worse than before lockdown. PDS must be universalised

Dipa Sinha and Rajendran Narayanan | November 262020

NREGA didis of Kurhani

Rajendran Narayanan | November 42020

Labour’s data lost

Rajendran Narayanan and Bishwa Pandey | October 152020

When the state is silent, it becomes the citizen’s duty to speak up and express dissent

Aruna Roy and Rajendran Narayanan | September 52020

Dekh Li Democracy?’: What I Learned During a Few Hours in Ramban

Rajendran Narayanan | August 132020

Hunger Grows as India’s Lockdown Kills Jobs

Rahul Lahoti, Amit Basole, Rosa Abraham, Surbhi Kesar and Paaritosh Nath | May 292020

Locked down in distress

Sakina Dhorajiwala and Rajendran Narayanan | May 92020

Patents vs. the Pandemic

Joseph E Stiglitz, Arjun Jayadev and Achal Prabhala | April 232020

The COVID-19 Lockdown Will Ravage Prospects for India’s Female Workforce

Hema Swaminathan and Rahul Lahoti | April 152020

5 Ways For India To Fund Massive Economic Stimulus Package

Arjun Jayadev | April 142020

In Yes Bank crisis, you can’t miss the ugly realities of India’s private sector lenders

Arjun Jayadev and Avinash Tripathi | March 122020

Dictatorship’, no accountability’, no jobs: People in Jammu say Modi govt has failed them

Rajendran Narayanan and Sandeep Pandey | January 42020

Privatising a public good

Surbhi Kesar, Devika Dutt and Zico Dasgupta | December 202019

Common Service Centres The Emperor’s New Clothes

Inayat Sabhikhi, Rahul Lahoti and Rajendran Narayanan | November 12019

A Dogra from Jammu deplores the slow death of our basic and fundamental humanity”

Surbhi Kesar | September 302019

Share Of Regular Salaried Work Rises, But Women More Likely To Be Self-Employed

Janaki Shibu and Rosa Abraham | July 22019

Modi’s Greatest Trick: Turning Our Deepest Insecurities Into A System of Governance

Rajendran Narayanan and Sayandeb Chowdhury | May 222019

The need for urban employment scheme (in Hindi)

Amit Basole and Rajendran Narayanan | April 42019

The politics of information

Rajendran Narayanan , Rakshita Swamy and Nikhil Dey | April 42019

The Employment Question in India Politics, Economics, and the Way Forward

Amit Basole and Arjun Jayadev | April 32019

Focus on Small Towns and It Will Be Boomtown India

Methew Idiculla, Amit Basole and Rajendran Narayanan | March 312019

Guaranteeing urban jobs

Rajendran Narayanan, Amit Basole and Mathew Idiculla | March 302019

The shape of an urban employment guarantee

Mathew Idiculla, Rajendran Narayanan and Amit Basole | March 292019

Where has all the jobs data gone?

Rosa Abraham, Janaki Shibu, Rajendran Narayanan | January 302019

Unprecedented drop in job creation cause for worry

Amit Basole | January 12019

An imaginary friend

Sakina Dhorajiwala and Rajendran Narayanan | November 12018

Azim Premji University economists respond to criticism about jobs report

Amit Basole and Arjun Jayadev | October 102018

Employment and wage challenges (in Hindi)

Amit Basole and Anand Shrivastava | October 32018

More Proof that India’s Creating Fewer Jobs: This is Why

Amit Basole and Arjun Jayadev | September 282018

Did the Indian economy create nearly 13 million jobs in 2017?

Amit Basole and Anand Shrivastava | September 52018

Social identity and perceived income adequacy

Ashwini Deshpande and Deepti Goel | June 132018

Development Will Not Cure Gender Inequality, Policy Will: Examining the Economic Survey 2017 – 18

Rahul Lahoti | May 262018

The Great Aadhaar Game: Don’t be Arbitrary, be Cleverly Random

Rajendran Narayanan | April 52018

In terms of job creation, Union Budget has little to offer

Amit Basole | February 22018

Identifying an effective teacher in public schools in Delhi

Bidisha Barooah and Deepti Goel | December 262017

Long-run trends in rural wages

Amit Basole | October 242017

Intellectual property for the twenty-first-century economy

Joseph E. Stiglitz, Dean Baker and Arjun Jayadev | October 232017

Poverty in India: Measurement and eradication

Amit Basole | October 172017

The Pey’ and Bhutam’ in India’s Technology-Fuelled Development Crusade

Rajendran Narayanan | September 92017

After 70 years Independence, Indian economy remains dominated by the informal sector

Amit Basole | August 142017

Let us not make job creation in India a number game

Amit Basole | July 262017

Indian farmers are dying from abysmally low wages

Amit Basole | July 102017

Communalism Has Been Injected Even in Bread and Butter Issues of Jharkhand

Rajendran Narayanan | June 272017

Why is India’s growth not creating more jobs?

Amit Basole | June 132017

Jobless Growth Plagues India

Amit Basole | June 52017

The decline of rural earning inequality in India

Deepti Goel, Shantanu Khanna and Rene Morissette | April 52017

A guarantee, an illusion

Rajendran Narayanan , Sakina Dhorajiwala | February 142017

Jobless growth still the leitmotif

Amit Basole | February 22017

In Defence of Activism in Universities

Rajendran Narayanan | December 212016

Minimum wage: wage subsidy is the solution to income disparity

Amit Basole | September 52016

Women and the Indian job market: Glass ceiling or sticky floor?

Ashwini Deshpande and Deepti Goel | June 102016

No Guarantee In Mahabubnagar

Chakradhar Buddha and Rajendran Narayanan | February 42016

Geographical Indication: Will it Save Traditional Indian Art?

Amit Basole | October 232015

Income inequality in India: Trends from the World Top Incomes Database

Amit Basole | August 312015

The mystery is solved: why is India’s calorie intake falling even though it is getting richer?

Amit Basole | May 42015

The 2015 – 2016 Budget: Business as Usual?

Amit Basole | March 102015

Obama Versus Obamacare

Joseph E. Stiglitz, Dean Baker and Arjun Jayadev | February 102015

What explains declining calorie consumption in India?

Amit Basole and Deepankar Basu | June 162014

Why is Calorie Intake Falling if Incomes are Rising in India?

Amit Basole and Deepankar Basu | May 142014