Introduction to Research

How to use and conduct research for the field of education. 

The formulation of education policies and practices at the national and international levels depends on research and data analysis. Research studies now influence decision making with regard to infrastructure, curriculum development and pedagogy, and determine the quality, impact and outcomes of educational interventions. In this course, we train you to use and conduct research in different scales and understand the nature of social research and research methods – qualitative and quantitative — in the field of education. You will learn how to formulate research questions, conduct literature review, manage surveys and research design methods that are experimental and ethnographic. This course is a mix of lectures and discussions and involved two weeks of a field visit during which time you will collect and analyse data based on a research plan. Your field sites are in educational settings in Azim Premji Foundation Field Institutes, schools in varied settings, offices of District Institute of Education and Training, Block Resource Centre, Cluster Resource Centre and so on.