Creativity and Pedagogic Practices

Teaching as an embodied practice

This is a practice-based course, with an objective to nurture sensitivity and relational capacities in you — the student-teacher. Working as a teacher in a classroom requires creative engagement of how best students will learn a concept. It requires working with the whole body, the space available inside and outside the classroom, managing children with diverse needs and backgrounds. The course will focus on embodied teaching, through exploring personal aspects such as body, voice, movement. Other common pedagogical tools such as use of lines, colours in the environment, blackboard as a classroom resource, stories, library will be explored. How would story telling help in empathetic relationship between students and teachers, apart from a critical tool for language learning? How is observation central to understanding students. And exploring nature around through detailed observations, drawings and colours. How can one teach effectively through minimum available resources? Each of these are instances that the course will focus on and help develop some core essentials for the craft-of-teaching.