Step 1 — Entrance Test

Applicants will have to appear for the National Entrance Test that will assess their English reading comprehension, general and quantitative reasoning ability, social awareness and writing ability. The test will be conducted in various cities across the country. 

Preparing for the Entrance Exam

Take a look at the structure of the test you have to take. 

Entrance Test Structure

Part 1 (For MA Education, MA Development and LLM — Duration 2 hours)

SectionQuestionsQuestion type
Reading Comprehension15Multiple choice
General and Quantitative Reasoning Ability15Multiple choice
Social Awareness10Multiple choice
Writing ability1 (Attempt the question related to your first programme preference)Descriptive type

Part 2 (Only for MA Education —  Duration — 45 min)

Candidates who applied for MA Education will also have to write a subject-specific test. The questions will be related to the first subject preference, as filled in the application form. Subject area knowledge will be assessed at the level of grade X.

-Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) — 20 MCQ questions

-Mathematics — 20 MCQ questions

-Language — 20 MCQ questions

-Early childhood education — 10 MCQ questions and 2 essays (100150 words each)

-Social studies (History, Geography, Political Science, Economics) — 8 MCQ questions and 1 essay (300 words)

Sample question papers

Below are the locations where test centers are available for Round 2 admission entrance test. 

Please note that conducting of test in the listed centres is not guaranteed, it would depend on the number of candidates opting for the centre. In case, there are not enough number of candidates opting for the listed centre preferred by the candidate, the University reserves the right to cancel the test centre and assign the candidate to the nearest test location.

Andhra Pradesh — Vijayawada

Assam — Guwahati

Bihar — Patna

Chhattisgarh — Raipur

Delhi — New Delhi

Gujarat — Ahmedabad

Jharkhand — Ranchi

Karnataka — Bengaluru

Karnataka — Mangalore

Karnataka — Bellary

Kerala — Ernakulam

Kerala — Kozhikode

Kerala — Thiruvananthapuram

Madhya Pradesh — Bhopal

Madhya Pradesh — Indore

Maharashtra — Mumbai

Maharashtra — Nagpur

Maharashtra — Pune

Odisha ‑Cuttack

Rajasthan — Jaipur

Tamil Nadu — Chennai

Telangana — Hyderabad

Uttar Pradesh — Lucknow

Uttar Pradesh — Varanasi

West Bengal — Kolkata

West Bengal — Siliguri

Step 2 — Personal interview

If you are shortlisted, you will have a personal interview. You will receive a confirmation email with the date and time of your interview.

The interviews are conducted online. The link to your interview will be sent to you via email.

MA Economics Entrance Test Structure

Duration — Total 2 hours 30 minutes.

PartSection# of QuestionsQuestion type
1Microeconomics10Multiple choice
Macroeconomics10Multiple choice
Quantitative economics10Multiple choice*
2Essay question22 out of 2 questions to be written

* Each multiple choice question carries one mark. Please note that there is negative marking. You get +1 for a correct answer, and ‑0.5 for a wrong answer. Unattempted questions get zero marks.

Sample question papers

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