Shashank Kumar

Areas of Interest & Expertise

  • Social Science Teaching and Education
  • The Nature of Knowledge in the Social Sciences
  • Instructional and Curricular Design
  • The Design of Environments that make Learning Effective
  • Quantitative Research Methods


Shashank’s academic and professional work has broadly been in the social sciences, mainly in sociology. As a student, his research work has spanned the domains of labour and globalisation in urban India, contemporary social movements, and the sociology of educational participation in India. In a professional capacity, he has experience in managing the data collection efforts of a behavioural economics study in rural Tamil Nadu.

For past year-and-half, Shashank has been involved with the planning and teaching of the Sociology of Education course in the university’s M. A. Education programme. He is actively involved in the planning and design of the Common Curriculum courses of the university’s undergraduate programme, which he will be teaching when the programme commences.

Currently, he is interested in existing research about how people learn, and the implications of the findings from this research for work in education.