Santhakumar V

Areas of Interest & Expertise

  • Education and Development: Inter-Linkages
  • Institutional Economics
  • Governance
  • Economics of Norms and Values
  • Economics of Public and Non-Profit Organisations


While working as a civil engineer on a non-governmental initiative to plan watershed management in a village in Kerala in the late eighties, Santhakumar felt the need for a social science education. That led him to pursue Masters and Doctoral degrees in social science (IIT Chennai) followed by post-doctoral fellowships at the Wageningen Agricultural University (Netherlands) and Vanderbilt University (USA). He has been on the faculty of the Centre for Development Studies (Trivandrum) from 1996. He has used neoclassical economics (and broadly the rational choice approach) in analyzing and designing institutions and mechanisms of governance. He has also worked on the economics of conserving environment and natural resources. However, his current interest is on the inter-linkages between development and education, and the ways of shortening the distance’ between population groups so as to mitigate the development differences’ between them.

He has received the research medal and the outstanding research award of the Global Development Network during the early phase of his career. Santhakumar has worked on a number of consultant assignments and/​or research projects funded by the Asian Development Bank, World Bank, UNEP, UNDP, Azim Premji Foundation and CIDA across India, Cambodia, Tajikistan, China, Palestine, Laos, Bangladesh, Brazil and Indonesia and on regional and global issues.

Publications and Writings

Santhakumar is an advocate for connecting academic work with education and development practice. Several of his articles on education and development practice or ideas for practitioners are available here 

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  • Santhakumar, V. (2008) Analyzing Social Opposition to Reforms: Evidence from Indian Electricity Sector, New Delhi: Sage Publishers.

Articles in International Journals

Azim Premji University Working Papers

  • Santhakumar (2016) An Intervention into the Debates on Work-in-Education’ and Skill Development in India, Azim Premji University Working Paper No.3

Articles in National Journals

  • Indervir Singh and V Santhakumar (2021) The Law and Economics’ of Governments’ Response to Pandemics, GNLU Journal of Law and Economics, Volume III, Special Symposium, 2020, pp. 88 – 102
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  • Santhakumar V., Rajagopalan R. and Ambirajan S., (1995), Planning Kerala’s Irrigation Projects: Technological Prejudice and Politics of Hope, Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. XXX, No.12, March 25, pp. A30 — A38.

Articles in Edited Volumes

  • Santhakumar, V. (2020) Education in India, in Wolhuter C. C. (Ed) Decolonising Education in the Global South: Historical and Comparative International Perspectives, Pearson, South Africa.
  • Santhakumar, V. & Charl C. Wolhuter (2020) Language of Learning and Teaching in South Africa and India: A comparative study, in Wolhuter C. C. (Ed) Critical Issues in South African Education: Illumination from international comparative perspectives from the BRICS countries, AOSIS Publishing: South Africa.
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  • V. Santhakumar, Muralee Thummarukudy and Devashree Pillai (2020) Kerala in the World Economy: Towards a Development Path that Addresses Environmental Concerns in Mani, S. (ed.) Kerala and the World Economy, Centre for Development Studies, Trivandrum
  • Santhakumar V. et al (2005) An Economic Analysis of Mangroves in South Asia in Mohsin S. Khan (ed.), Economic Development in South Asia’, Tata McGraw Hill
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  • Santhakumar, V., (1997), Institutional Lock-in in Natural Resource Management: The Case of Water Resources in Kerala, CDS Working Paper No. 276, Centre for Development Studies: Trivandrum.

Regular columns in Mathrubhumi Newspaper 

Policy Notes and Studies on Local Governance

Other Writings

  • Santhakumar, V. (2003), Resolving Conflicts in Indian Fisheries: A Property Rights Approach, Policy Paper No. 8, Delhi: Julian L. Simon Centre for Policy Research
  • Santhakumar, V. (2006) Electricity Sector in Kerala: A comparative Perspective, in S. Mani et al (eds.) Kerala’s Economy: Crouching Tiger, Sacred Cows, Kottayam: DC Books
  • Santhakumar, V. (2007) Managing Water: The Pragmatic View, in B. Mitra et al (eds.) Keeping the Water Flowing’, New Delhi: Academic Foundation