Rohit Dhankar

Areas of Interest & Expertise

  • Curriculum and Epistemology
  • Curriculum Studies and Teacher Education


Rohit Dhankar’s association with Azim Premji Foundation in various collaborative efforts goes back to about two decades.

Rohit has been part of many initiatives in developing material and curriculum through various committees and collaborative efforts across the country. His interest in curriculum for school education and teacher education resulted in collaboration with NCERT and various SCERTs. Interest in education studies resulted in a collaboration with TISS and several NGOs in developing MA Education (Elementary) of TISS, Bombay. He taught the Philosophy of Education course in TISS, Bombay, and Philosophy of Education and Curriculum Studies at Azim Premji University.

He trained as a teacher under David Horsburgh in the Neelbagh School, and taught at the elementary level for about 15 years in a school he opened with help from Mr. Jitendra Pal Singh and Ms. Faith Singh of Jaipur. Rohit is the founder secretary of Digantar, a voluntary organization in Jaipur engaged in providing alternative education to rural children. Digantar endeavours to nurture self-motivated and independent learners equipped with the ability to think critically.

His formal education is graduation in science and Master’s in mathematics, and school education through indifferently functioning government schools in rural Rajasthan.


Publications and Writings

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