Rajkishore is a part of the Institute of Assessment and Accreditation(IAA) team associated with the School of Continuing Education and University Resource centre(SCE-URC).

He contributes to professional development programmes and school science outreach. His present areas of interest are creating multimodal, interdisciplinary learning spaces that aid critical thinking and creativity.

Rajkishore joins us from the Blue Mountains School, Ooty. The School was founded in 1962 by the renowned educationist and pioneer of the Indian Public School movement, late F.G. Pearce who was deeply inspired by the Teachings on Education of the renowned thinker and philosopher J. Krishnamurti. Rajkishore has also worked as Science Communicator in Science Express, world’s largest mobile science exhibition train, an Indo-German joint project. He has a Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and has taught at Alma Mater for a year and a half as a Lecturer and Research Associate. In his last job as an educator, Rajkishore explored the domain and scope of the new subject Coordinated Sciences, International Mathematics and Global Perspectives” under the IGCSE syllabus. He and his team believed in the inclusivity of knowledge and tried to eliminate, as much as possible, the boundaries existing between so-called-subjects. As the Blue Mountains School doesn’t follow the typical system of syllabus, textbook and examination. Rajkishore had an opportunity to design his own syllabus and then integrate his with those of his team members so as to provide a holistic learning to the evolving learners.

Certificate Courses

  • Student assessment in practice

    Student assessment is a critical aspect of the teaching and learning process that helps to systematically improve the quality of students’ learning through improved programs, curricula and teaching.