Narayan P S

Areas of Interest & Expertise

  • Planetary thresholds and Biophysical limits
  • Earth systems and Biogeophysical cycles
  • Industrial Ecology, Ecological product design, Circular processes
  • Energy and Development
  • Water and Development
  • Climate Change and Development
  • Urban Ecology
  • Conceptual and philosophical underpinnings of sustainability


Narayan P S is a visiting faculty with the School of Development.

He is a part of the Ecology/​Sustainability’ faculty, at the University. He helped design the Ecology and development’ course and has taught it since inception. His areas of focus in teaching pertain to (i) Biophysical boundaries and planetary thresholds (ii) Industrial ecology and ecological design (iii) Water, energy and climate change and (iv) Urban ecology. 

Narayan has also been part of the team that was involved in designing the Sustainability specialisation and the yet-to-be-introduced online courses in sustainability.

Narayan’s primary role is as Vice President and Head of Sustainability at Wipro Ltd. where he has been instrumental in the creation and stewarding of Wipro’s sustainability initiative since its inception in early 2008. Wipro’s sustainability charter is built on the core principle that business and social purpose must reinforce each other in addressing several key challenges around ecology and the environment, education and communities.

A graduate in Electrical Engineering with a post-graduation in Management, Narayan has more than twenty years of cross-disciplinary experience in consulting, business development, enterprise systems and since the past 7 years, in business and sustainability.

Certificate Courses