Priyanshu Gupta

Areas of Interest & Expertise

Property Rights and Institutions, Forest Governance, Environment & Development, Politics of Welfare policies


Priyanshu Gupta is a faculty with the School of Public policy and Governance.

Priyanshu is a public policy and management specialist with around 8 years of experience in the corporate and development sector. His experience spans impact investing, strategy consulting, and grassroots civil society and policy advocacy. He has worked previously as Associate Vice-President at Lok Capital, a leading social venture capital fund focused on investing in for-profit social enterprises with focus on financial inclusion, skill development and livelihoods. Prior to Lok, he worked as strategy and operations consultant at AT Kearney Limited where he advised Fortune 500 companies across industries and functions, including railways, telecom, rural retail, cement, and logistics.

His research is focused on the theory of property rights and institutions, particularly the anticommons property. Empirically, his research is focused on the public policies at the intersection of environment and conservation, mineral resource governance, and tribal rights and livelihoods. His research has featured in reputed journals like the World Trade Review, Economic and Political Weekly, Sociological Bulletin, Decision, and Journal of South Asian Development.

Publications and Writings

  • Gupta, Priyanshu and R. Rajesh Babu. (2019). International Posturing amidst Domestic Neglect: India’s Agricultural Policy Examined”. World Trade Review, 18 (3): 399 – 429. Cambridge University Press.
  • Gupta, Priyanshu and Vivek G. Nair. (2019). “‘From research in management’ to management of research’: Changing nature of doctoral programme at Indian management schools”. Decision, 46 (2): 169 – 175. Springer.
  • Gupta, Priyanshu and Anuj Goyal. (2018). Coal Auctions: A Façade of Good Governance?” Economic and Political Weekly, 53 (28): 14 – 18. Sameeksha Trust. – ABDC B”
  • Gupta, Priyanshu and Arnab Roy-Chowdhury. (2017). Harnessing Gram Sabhas to Challenge State Profligacy in Chhattisgarh”. Economic and Political Weekly, 52 (48):58 – 63. Sameeksha Trust. — ABDC B”
  • Gupta, Priyanshu and Manish Thakur. (2017). The Changing Rural-Agrarian Dominance: A Conceptual Excursus”. Sociological Bulletin, 66 (1): 42 – 57, Sage Journals.
  • Gupta, Priyanshu. (2019). Review of Shaping Policy in India: Alliance, Advocacy, Activism”. Journal of South Asian Development, 14 (1): 115 – 120. (Book Review)
  • Gupta, Priyanshu. (2016). Review of India Rural Development Report 201314”. Decision, 43 (1):105 – 11. (Book Review)

On-going Projects

  • Gupta, Priyanshu and Rajesh Bhattacharya. (2019). Property as Problem: Rethinking Anticommons”. 36th Annual Conference of the European Association of Law and Economics (EALE 2019), Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Gupta, Priyanshu and Rajesh Bhattacharya. (2019). Inter-ministerial Conflict in Forest Governance in India: Rethinking Anticommons”. 48th Annual Conference on South Asia, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
  • Gupta, Priyanshu, Anuj Goyal and Rajesh Bhattacharya. (2019). Politics of Credit Attribution: An empirical analysis of voting outcomes of welfare policies in a multi-level federal régime”. 4th International Conference on Public Policy, International Public Policy Association, Montréal, Canada
  • Gupta, Priyanshu and Akash Krishnan. (2017). Emergent Regulatory Imperatives for Two-Sided Markets: A study of radio-taxi/cab-sharing networks in developing economies”. 6th Asian Management Research and Case Conference: Emerging Business Trends in Asia, Dhaka University, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • Gupta, Priyanshu, Anuj Goyal and Rajesh Bhattacharya. (2020). Competitive Co-operative Federalism? Analysing politics of credit attribution and voting outcomes of welfare schemes”. Inaugural conference of Indian Democracy at Work” at HCU and ISB Hyderabad.