Omkar Ashokrao Devlekar

Areas of Interest & Expertise

  • Linear Algebra
  • Group Theory
  • Topology
  • Undergraduate Mathematics Education


During the educational life, I have been passionate about different things at
different times, from army to wild-life adventurer to Genetics to Physics to Mathematics and most recently Mathematics Education. After my MSc in Mathematics from Delhi University, I decided to teach for a while before going for PhD. I started working as a Lecturer at Deogiri College, Aurangabad, Maharashtra. During this time, I came in contact with Mathematics Training and Talent Search (MTTS) and has been associated with it since then. Teaching mathematics made me question, what do we mean by learning? How does one exactly learn mathematics? What does teaching mathematics mean? Such questions pulled me towards Mathematics Education. I am working on these questions and planning to pursue them further into my PhD. Currently, I am working on a review project of the Inquiry Based Learning (IBL) pedagogy in Mathematics.