Mathew Idiculla

Areas of Interest & Expertise

  • Urban Law, Governance and Policy
  • Federalism and Decentralization
  • Comparative Constitutional Design
  • Constitutional History and Politics in India
  • Theories of State and Governance
  • Local Government Law
  • Urban Planning Law
  • Housing and Land Rights
  • Urban Employment and Informal Livelihoods
  • Critical Urban Studies


Mathew Idiculla is an independent legal and policy consultant and a visiting faculty at the School of Policy and Governance, Azim Premji University. He works at the intersection of law, politics, and public policy, with a focus on issues concerning cities, local governance, and federalism. At the University, Mathew teaches a course on Urban Governance in India and contributes to the research initiatives on urban law and policy. 

After graduating from the School of Law, Christ University, Mathew worked as a research associate at Azim Premji University between 2012 and 2016 and subsequently as a research consultant with the Centre for Law and Policy Research (CLPR). He has been part of multiple international research projects including the Global Suburbanism” project housed at York University, Toronto. Mathew is also a consultant with the Law Programme of WIEGO (Women in Informal Employment: Globalizing and Organizing).

Over the past ten years, Mathew has engaged with the field of urban law and policy in multiple ways: inter-disciplinary academic research and writing; legal and policy consultancy for government; advocacy with civil society groups; and writings in popular media. He has played an active role in urban governance reform and policymaking in Bengaluru and led the drafting of the Greater Bengaluru Governance Bill, 2018” for the Expert Committee on BBMP Restructuring, Government of Karnataka. 

Mathew has also been associated with various civil society initiatives in Bengaluru and is the founder of the discussion forum Critical Cities Circle which brings together researchers, activists, and practitioners working on urban issues on a common platform. He writes frequently about various law and policy debates in India in scholarly and popular publications.

Mathew is a visiting faculty at the School of Policy and Governance.



Journal Articles

Book Chapters

  • Basole. A., Idiculla, M., Narayanan, R., Nagendra H., & Mundoli S. (2020), Strengthening Towns through Sustainable Employment, in Reviving Jobs: An Agenda for Growth (ed. Mehrotra, S.) Oxford University Press, 2020 https://​tinyurl​.com/​3​j​c​78utr
  • Idiculla, M. (2021). The Rise of Private Governance in Bengaluru’s Electronics City, in India’s Greenfield Urban Future: The Politics of Land, Planning and Infrastructure (eds. Kennedy, L. & and Sood, A.) Orient Black Swan, 2021 (forthcoming)
  • Idiculla, M. (2021). Governing the City-Region: Rethinking Urban and Regional Governance in India, in Future of Cities: Planning, Infrastructure, and Development (ed. Kumar, A.,) Routledge 2021 (forthcoming)
  • Gowda, M.V.R. & Idiculla, M. (2014). Integrating Information Disclosure with Indian Environmental Policy, in India’s Risks: Democratizing the Management of Threats to Environment, Health, and Values (eds. Moor, R. and Gowda, M.V.R.) Oxford University Press. https://​tinyurl​.com/​y​9​z​puy4m

Policy Briefs/​Working Papers

Conference Papers (Selected)

  • Idiculla, M. (2020, 11 January) Governing the City-Region”: A Multi-Tier Framework for Urban and Regional Governance, 68th National Town and Country Planner Congress, Institute of Town Planners India, Navi Mumbai
  • Idiculla, M. (2019, June) Unpacking Local Self-Government”: The Incomplete Power of Cities in India’s Constitutional Scheme, Cities in Federal Theory Workshop, Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne
  • Idiculla, M. (2019, April) The Travails of Urban Planning in India: An Examination of the Planning Law Régime of Bangalore, Workshop on Planning Law in Asian Cities, National University of Singapore, Faculty of Law, Singapore
  • Idiculla, M. (2018, February) Justifying Illegalities: The Adjudication of the Akrama Sakrama regulation in Karnataka, India Land and Development Conference, New Delhi
  • Idiculla, M. (2016, June) An Ideal Scale of Governance? The Possibilities of Multi-tier governance in Bangalore, 3rd Fordham Comparative Urban Law Conference, University of Hong Kong.
  • Idiculla, M. (2015, October) Megaprojects, Governance Transformation and Multiple Suburbanisms in Bangalore, Workshop on Suburban Governance in an Era of Globalizing Urbanization, University of Montréal, Canada
  • Idiculla, M. (2015, August) Who Governs the City: Powerlessness of City Government and the Transformation of Governance in Bangalore, RC21 International Conference on The Ideal City: between myth and reality, University of Urbino, Italy.‑Idiculla.pdf.pdf

Op-Ed Articles (Selected)