K Koteswara Rao

Areas of Interest & Expertise

  • Climate Change Research
  • Regional Climate Modeling
  • Monsoon Variability
  • Weather/​Climate Extremes


I am a climate researcher interested in understanding the science of climate change and its impacts. My research focuses on climate variability and climate change, particularly in extreme weather/​climate events. 

At the University’s Centre for Climate Change and Sustainability, I am also involved in developing high-resolution regional climate change scenarios for India and studying the impact of climate change on India. 

My research examines the future changes in seasonal/sub-seasonal characteristics of temperature, precipitation along with their extremes. Before joining here, I worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune; Seoul National University, South Korea; and as a climate specialist at Qatar Meteorology Department, Qatar. 

I received PhD and MSc in Meteorology from the department of Meteorology and Oceanography, Andhra University, India. 

I have published several peer-reviewed papers in the aspects of Climate change and variability, climate impacts, monsoon variability and extreme weather/​climate events.

Publications and Writing

Journal Articles

Chapter in Edited book

Conference paper

  • Koteswararao Kundeti, Savita Patwardhan, Ashwini Kulkarni. Future Changes in Precipitation Extremes over South Peninsular India as Investigated from NEX-GDDP Model Simulations. AOGS2019 held at Singapore during 28July-02 August 2019. (AS02-A010).

  • Savita Patwardhan, Ashwini Kulkarni, K. Koteswara Rao and K. Krishna Kumar, 2013: Possible changes in the characteristics of monsoon disturbances over North Indian Ocean under global warming scenario. OSICON-2013 held at IITM during 26 – 28 Nov. 2013.

  • Krishna Kumar Kanikicharla, Mohammed Hasan Al-Sulaiti, Koteswara Rao Kundeti, Akio Kitoh, et al. 2013. Expected future changes in the climate and severe weather events in the Middle East and the Arabian Gulf region. International conference on regional climate (CORDEX 2013), 4 – 7 November 2013, Brussels, Belgium.

  • Krishna Kumar Kanikicharla, Sudhir Sabade, Ashwini Kulkarni, and Koteswara Rao Kundeti, 2012: Expected Future Shifts in the Seasonal Mean and Sub-seasonal Characteristics of Indian summer Monsoon under a Warmer World. 3rd International Conference on Earth System Modelling (3ICESM), 17 – 21 September 2012, Hamburg, Germany.

  • Savita Patwardhan, Koteswara Rao Kundeti and Krishna Kumar Kanikicharla, 2012: Summer Monsoon Climate Projections over Indian Subcontinent Using High Resolution Regional Climate Model. (AS33-A002), AOGS 2012, Singapore.

  • K. Koteswara Rao, Savita Patwardhan and K. Krishna Kumar, 2011: Projected changes in the characteristics of monsoon rainfall over India under increasing GHG concentrations. Second International Winter School and Workshop on Climate/​Environment Change focusing on climate sensitivity and feedback, 4th to 7th January, CCCPR (Seoul), South Korea.

  • K. Koteswara Rao, Savita Patwardhan and K. Krishna Kumar, 2011: Statistical Analyses of Climate Change Scenarios over India in the 21st Century using a high resolution model – PRECIS. International conference on Climate change, Forest resource and Environment (ICCFRE), 9 – 11 December, Department of environmental sciences, University of Kerala, India.

  • K. Koteswara Rao, T.V. Lakshmi Kumar, D.A.Ramu, K.Ravi Kumar and V. Lakshmana Rao, 2011: Variability in a satellite-based vegetation index in relation to climate over monsoon regions of India. TROPMET 2011, Meteorology for Socio-economic Development, 14 – 16 December, Hyderabad, India.