Kit Patrick

Areas of Interest & Expertise

  • Philosophy of Science
  • Epistemology
  • Philosophy of Law
  • Formal models of Induction


I study how experts reason reliably. My main focus has been reasoning in science, especially historical sciences such as Geology. More recently, I have worked on judicial reasoning. I am especially interested in whether formal models of reasoning under uncertainty are compatible with basic facts about how we reason. I have an ongoing project on access to entitlements, and another on the hyperintensionality of inductive reasoning.

Before coming to Azim Premji University, I worked at the University of Bristol. I received my Phd there in philosophy of science, and earlier had studied History and Philosophy of Science at Cambridge University.

I have an interest in Indian history and run the History of India podcast. In my spare time, I enjoy sketching and poetry. But mostly, I enjoy teaching.

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On-going Projects

  • Modelling judicial reasoning in India.
  • The hyperintentionality of inductive logic.
  • Deduction and verisimilitude.
  • Explanatory competition.