Hemadri Bhusan Amat

Areas of Interest & Expertise

  • Indian Summer Monsoon
  • Application to Seasonal and Extended-Range Prediction
  • Climate Variability
  • El Niño Southern Oscillation
  • ENSO Modoki
  • Indian Ocean Dipole
  • Climate Change and Impact Studies
  • Agro-Meteorology


Hemadri Bhusan Amat works at the Centre for Climate Change and Sustainability. He holds a PhD in Earth and Space Sciences with a specialisation in Meteorology and a Master’s degree in Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences from the University of Hyderabad. 

As an early career researcher, he has explored the viable application of the Global Climate Model (GCM) predicted seasonal prediction skills towards the agriculture yield forecast. 

He is currently working on the tentatively entitled project, Future projection of crop yield in a changing climate using an agriculture multi-model ensemble system’. 

Recently, he has started writing articles of general interest on weather, climate, and extreme events.

Apart from his work, he loves football and blogs on the same.


Journal Articles