Dakshayini Suresh

Areas of Interest & Expertise

  • Gender and Work
  • Caste and Household practices
  • Education and Institutional cultures
  • Labour and the Domestic
  • Food as a Digital object
  • Feminism and its Cultural forms


She is a part of The Language Centre at the School of Arts and Sciences. 

She has a Master’s degree in Gender Studies from Dr BR Ambedkar University, Delhi. She has previously worked as a writer and editor at the Indian Institute for Human Settlements(IIHS) and the Queer Archive for Memory Reflection and Activism(QAMRA). Her Master’s dissertation explored the workings of gender, caste, and class within nascent digital communities of home cooks and drew from feminist scholarship that challenges dominant notions of work, labour and care. 

She enjoys thinking about teaching as a mode of communication and tool for political transformation. She is interested in how disruptive approaches to writing, talking and working interact with culturally sanctioned institutional contexts such as the school, the university, the family, marriage and the workplace.