Arun Kumar Thiruvengadam

Areas of Interest & Expertise

Indian Constitutional and Administrative Law, Comparative Constitutional Theory and Law, Law and Development, Law and Politics in South Asia, Legal Theory, History and Practice of Legal Education.


Arun Kumar Thiruvengadam is a faculty with the School of Public policy and Governance.

He holds degrees in law from the National Law School, Bangalore and the New York University School of Law. Between 1995 – 97, he served as a Law-clerk-cum-research-assistant to the Chief Justice of India, Justice A.M. Ahmadi. He practiced law for approximately two years before the High Courts of Madras and Delhi and the Supreme Court of India, before commencing graduate studies in 1999. He has held research positions at the National Law School (19992001) and New York University School of Law (200305). Arun was successively a Visiting Fellow (200507) and an Assistant Professor of Law (200715) at the Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore. He has been with the School of Policy and Governance at Azim Premji University since June 2015.

He has taught courses, in a visiting capacity, at the following institutions: the West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata (June 2007, July 2011, June 2013), the Faculty of Law at the University of Toronto, Canada (September 2008), the Faculty of Law at the University of Trento, Italy (May 2013) and the Department of Legal Studies, Central European University, Hungary (May-June 2016; May-June 2017). He is an editor of the Asian Journal of Comparative Law (Cambridge UK) and the Indian Law Review (Routledge UK).

His doctoral research was on comparative constitutional law, which was the field in which he conducted his initial research and teaching. While Indian constitutional and administrative law has always been a focus of his research, it has become more central to his recent and current projects. A continuing focus of his research is constitutionalism in Asia and its intersections with the field of Law and Development. Some of his publications are available for downloading at his SSRN Author Page.

Selected Recent Publications


Edited Books

Journal Articles

  • Evaluating Bruce Ackerman’s Pathways to Constitutionalism’ and India as an exemplar of revolutionary constitutionalism on a human scale’, Vol 17 (2) International Journal of Constitutional Law (I.CON) 2019, 682 – 89, pp. 9.
  • Book Review: Unstable Constitutionalism: Law and Politics in South Asia (Mark Tushnet and Madhav Khosla, eds., Cambridge University Press, 2015), Public Law (2018, Issue 2), pp. 367 – 73, pp. 9.

Book Chapters

  • The Intertwining of liberalism and illiberalism in the Indian Constitutional Tradition’ in Andras Sajo, Stephen Holmes and Renata Uitz (eds), The Routledge Handbook of Illiberalism (forthcoming 2021), pp. __.
  • India’s Constitutional Founding: An enduring but mixed legacy’ in Constitutional Foundings in South Asia (Kevin Tan and Ridwanul Hoque, eds, Hart Publishing UK, forthcoming 2021), pp. 1 – 41.
  • Constitutional Change, Basic Structure and Constitutional Politics: Insights from the Indian experience’ in Henning Glaser (ed.), Identity and Change – The Basic Structure in Asian Constitutional Orders (German Southeast Asian Centre for Public Policy and Governance: Bangkok, forthcoming 2021), pp. 1 – 21.

Click here for Arun Thiruvengadam’s CV (last updated: Dec 2020) and here for his SSRN page where some of his publications are freely accessible.