Anshuman Singh

Areas of Interest & Expertise

Jurisprudence, Political Philosophy, Law and Language


Anshuman is a visiting faculty with the School of Public policy and Governance.

He works in the broad areas of legal and political philosophy. More specifically, he is interested in exploring possible syntheses between currents in mainstream legal theory and orthodox Marxism; and also in examining whether the latter provides solutions to many of the puzzles posed by the former. This has led him to carefully consider, over the past few years, the work of the Soviet legal scholar Evgeny Pashukanis. As it stands, one of Anshuman’s long term projects is to revisit/​reformulate debates in traditional jurisprudence from the theoretical lens which Pashukanis offers, i.e. the notion of the legal-form’.

Prior to joining APU, Anshuman taught Jurisprudence at the Tamil Nadu National Law School, Trichy.