Abhishek Kashyap

Areas of Interest & Expertise

Philosophy of Science, Social Epistemology


Abhishek Kashyap is a faculty with the School of Arts and Sciences.

He has received his PhD in Philosophy from IIT Bombay. Before starting his doctoral research, he worked as a Process Engineer in Pune. In addition to his doctorate, he has Dual B.Tech and M.Tech degrees from IIT Kharagpur.

Publications and Writings

  • Kashyap A and Sirola VS (2019) The Duhem-Quine problem for equiprobable conjuncts, Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, Vol. 75, pp. 43 – 50
  • Kashyap A and Sirola VS (2019) The plausibility and significance of underdetermination arguments, Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research, Vol. 36(2), pp. 339 – 356
  • Kashyap A (2017) Institutions as epistemic authorities, Proceedings of the National Conference on Contemporary Issues in Epistemology, Indian Council of Philosophical Research
  • Kashyap A (2014) The Promised Land: Annexation and Terrorism, Newslaundry.

On-going Projects

  • Role of intellectual virtues in scientific reasoning
  • Underdetermination between theories of gravity
  • Epistemology of institutions