• A right step towards health for all 

    The demand for repealing the Rajasthan Right to Health Care Act would be tantamount to thwarting patient rights, in what is the first attempt in India at protecting them, writes Edward Premdas Pinto, in Deccan Herald.

  • Puppets

    Delhi’s Kathputli Artists: Puppeteers in Limbo 

    The kathputli artists of Delhi have been struggling to regain momentum after they were moved out of their homes to a transit camp in 2017, writes Himanshu Pargai, in People’s Archive of Rural India (PARI).

  • Fireflies gf3f09bbb8 1920 for Nature inFocus articles

    Where are all the fireflies? 

    Sharda CSR, an ecologist and student, Azim Premji University, in Nature inFocus, ruminates about the bioluminescent insects and the reasons for their drastic population decline.

  • Maths from simple grids 

    Gowri Satya, Ashwin, Shravan, Shivkumar, in At Right Angles (AtRiA), present some interesting problems centred around the humble and modest grid. 

  • Life lessons on a Lambretta 

    It is not about speed but striking a balance, whether on a bike or in life, writes Sharoon Sunny, faculty member, Azim Premji University, in Deccan Herald.

  • Putting up with patrilocality 

    Confronting the established normative hegemony of patrilocality, a woman often has little choice but to operate within its overarching framework, writes Anshu Saluja, faculty member, Azim Premji University, in The Indian Express.

  • Butterfly g79fb06ee8 1920

    Fixing the nitrogen cycle 

    From waging wars for natural nitrogen to producing it artificially, humanity has a complicated history and a worrisome future with this element, writes Harshada R, student, Azim Premji University, in Nature inFocus.

  • Be the change: A learning expedition 

    Shilpi Handa and Ronita Sharma, in Learning Curve, explain how concepts such as democracy and equality that appear distant from a child’s understanding, can be explained clearly to them with properly designed instructional strategies and activities.

  • All of us together in Health for All’ 

    Arima Mishra and Mukta Gundi, faculty members, Azim Premji University, in ET Healthworld, on the occasion of World Health Day, highlight how collective ownership plays a crucial role in improving the health and well-being of communities.

  • Buddha g5f1d07fc8 1920

    Can religious beliefs aid in conservation? 

    Aarya Patil, a young conservationist and student, Azim Premji University, in Nature inFocus, compares and contrasts two scenarios where religion played a role in the proliferation and deterioration of the natural world.

  • Bringing the last child into school 

    Shivani Taneja, in Learning Curve, explores how teachers working in the classroom space can find the immense potential for change within the system for the children they meet every day.

  • A primer to infectious disease epidemiology 

    Krishnapriya Tamma, in i wonder…, explores infectious diseases, their origins, and their spread. She also explains ways of studying them and how human societies can combat or limit their spread.

  • Nature in Focus Aadya

    A forest in a city 

    Aadya Thammaiah, a young ecologist and student, Azim Premji University, shares the field diary of her visit to a manmade rainforest in the city of Alappuzha, Kerala, in Nature inFocus.

  • Heritage trees need legal rights 

    Trees that are decades and centuries old must have the same legal status as our heritage buildings, recognising their cultural significance, writes Harini Nagendra, faculty member, Azim Premji University, in Deccan Herald.